> You could literally spin up an Ethereum sidechain in an afternoon:

Any proofs that you can do it with a new PoS consensus, new block explorer, original bridging protocol?

Above-mentioned sidechains can't be spin up in afternoon.

e.g. for xDai is tool more 2.5 years to write a dPoS consensus POSDAO (~22k lines of code) and put it in production https://github.com/poanetwork/posdao-contracts that's the only staking consensus included into two core Ethereum clients -- Nethermind and OpenEthereum

BlockScout is > 200k lines of code

TokenBridge is > 46k lines of code

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"Sidechains refuse to die because they are easy to spin up. Usually people spin them up to create a pitch deck overnight, raise money from VCs, and dump a token on retail."

Was it what Polygon did? When they got their billions, they pivoted to Rollups solutions. Is this how you see what happened?

Thanks for the content.


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what about SKALE? It's custodial, yes - but seems well build with security as top priority.

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Are zk rollups EVM compatible now? Would put that in cons

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